By Road from Krabi to Phuket with Indi Car Rent

By Road from Krabi to Phuket with Indi Car Rent

Doing a road from Krabi to Phuket is not only possible but you can also do a day trip where you can leave early in the morning and returning late in the evening. But first you need to pick your wheels from or call 0819785989. Indi Car Rent cars are the excellent choice for smart travellers as our cars are new and well maintained.


The total distance is about 160 kilometres. We ourselves do almost weekly trips to Phuket from Krabi. We know these roads we probably the best person to advise. But its best to be warned. The roads between Krabi and Phuket has gone through lots of changes in the last 2 years. With almost 90% of the journey is a 2 lane dual carriage way. But be not deceived. Some of the bends are so sharp that we usually reduce our speed to about 40 kilometres per hour at these dangerous corners.  Initially I used my GPS  when i was less familiar and needed this  guide for the coming bends and turns. I strongly suggest that you do the same. This will forewarn you about the turns and how sharp the corners are going to be. And if its raining best to keep a good road holding and at reasonable speed as I have seen many accidents on these road.


Now the joy of driving Indi Car Rent. Its scenic and calming, with lots of greenery and beautiful mountains. If you plan your journey well there are many delicious restaurants along the way just a little off your journey and they are with the visit. When booking your car with Indi Car Rent, just ask June, she is a big fan of Thai food and especially seafood. All our journeys take us longer than usual as she needs her regular seafood fix.

Best to leave early in the morning by 7am and be in Phuket by 10am. A slow journey and a safe journey is best on a holiday on unfamiliar roads. I can’t stress any more.. There are many speed cameras along the way. So best to keep at 90 kilometres per hour and remember you are on a holiday. There is no rush, you want the smell the roses between Krabi and Phuket in Always make Indi Car Rent you ultimate choice when in Krabi driving to Phuket.





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