When Collecting your Rental Car from www.indicarrent.com

When Collecting your Rental Car from www.indicarrent.com


It has never been easier car rental in Krabi. But neither has it been avoidable, as rental  cars do get into some trouble when drivers are not familiar with roads or the motorbikes take a sudden turn right in front of you. An accident was not meant to be but it happened!

At www.indicarrent.com, Indi Car Rent,  we have simplified the whole process to meet your budget or the risk you are willing to take. There are 3 sets of insurance policies that you can purchase when renting the car from at Indi Car Rent. The Basic Insurance is provided free, no matter which car you rent with an addition cost. The deposit of 10,000 Bahts acts as an excess when there is an accident. The excess is the sum you will be liable when there is a damage or an accident to the car.

Next is Insurance Plus. This cost 150 Bahts per day. Where your deposit/excess is reduced to 5,000 Bahts. So the deposit here is the excess.

Finally the Premium Insurance cost 300 Bahts where your deposit/excess is reduce to 0 Baht. So in the event of a mishap, you are not liable to any excess. However we do still collect 1000 Bhats deposit and this is just to cover any shortage of fuel or late return charges if any. Otherwise this is returned when you return the car.

All 3 policies do not cover tires, rims, windscreen and glass, as our insurance company also does not cover us.

Happy renting and safe driving when visiting Krabi, and Indi Car Rent is a must and your preferred choice.


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