Breakdown accident

  1. From the app’s emergency tab, contact Mercedes assistance immediately on 00 800 17 777 777.
    You must not under any circumstances attempt to troubleshoot or repair the car before returning it. If you don’t report an incident involving the car, you may be charged a penalty in addition to the cost of any repairs, as indicated in the charging schedule provided in our Terms & Conditions of Rental.
  2. Inform us by email at help@govirtuo.com and send the original copy by post at the following address: Virtuo Technologies, 20 rue de la Folie Mericourt, 75011 Paris.
  3. If the car needs to be towed by the recovery service, transfer the key to the badge and hand it to the mechanic.


With Virtuo, you’re protected by third-party insurance, which means that property damage and personal injury caused to a third party, including a passenger, are covered (up to €100,000 for property damage). In addition, ‘Basic’ cover is included in your booking. This level of cover includes protection against vehicle damage and theft, subject to an excess/deductible of €1,350.

You can also opt to take out two further levels of cover when you book.

  • ‘Plus’ level: includes all the benefits of ‘Basic’ level cover, plus tyre and windscreen damage cover. ‘Plus’ level reduces your excess/deductible to €350.
  • ‘Premium’ level: provides the same benefits as ‘Plus’ level cover, but it reduces your excess/deductible to zero.
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Issues with the application / mobile phone

First of all, we suggest that you reboot your phone. If this still doesn’t work, uninstall the app, then reinstall it and sign into your account again.

If this bug occurs during a booking, contact our customer service team.

My account

Registration is quick and shouldn’t take you longer than 5 minutes. To save time, make sure you have all the requested documents to hand.

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To register for the Virtuo service, you simply need to download the app. You’ll then be prompted to enter your phone number, a valid email address, and a memorable password, which you’ll be asked to provide each time you make a booking. You’ll also need to confirm your identity by registering your ID documents (valid driving licence and passport/national identity card). Your account will be validated within 24 hours, or slightly longer at weekends.

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In the Virtuo areas of our partner car parks (for those located in stations or city centres) and in P0 car parks (for airports). You’ll find a list of our pickup points displayed directly in the app during the initial booking stage. In the ‘My booking’ tab, click on the car park name (at the top of the screen). You can then open a map app to find the easiest route to pick up your car on the day of your rental.

Once your rental period has started, make your way to the Virtuo area in the car park. Go to the ‘My key’ tab and connect to your car’s Bluetooth.

Handy tip: to locate your vehicle easily, press the car’s lock button to flash the indicators and sound the horn.

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To book a vehicle, you must first download the Virtuo app (link), then register your account and wait for it to be validated by our customer service team.

Once your account has been validated and you’ve signed into the app, you can book your car by choosing your location, your rental dates and times, and your desired options and mileage.

Once you’ve entered your payment method, your rental booking is confirmed. Then, you simply need to go to your vehicle in your chosen car park and unlock it using the virtual key provided in the app.

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Terms & conditions of use

Virtuo’s rental rates range from €49 to €89 including taxes per rental day, depending on the length of your booking, your chosen period, and the time of your booking.

To be eligible to use the Virtuo service, you must have held a standard driving licence (category B) for at least 3 years, and must have proof of identity (passport or national ID card) and a bank card. Obviously, all these documents must be valid at the time of each booking and for the duration of each rental period.

Virtuo badge

You can use the badge located in the car as a key, if required (e.g. for valet service or lending the vehicle to a friend).

Before you can use the badge, you need to activate it via the ‘My key’ tab in the app. To do this, click on ‘Transfer badge’, then place the badge on the sensor on the windscreen, and wait for the indicator light to turn green. Your badge will now act as your key.

Note that you can’t use the badge and the app’s virtual key at the same time. The key on your phone will always override the key on the badge and will deactivate it.

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Virtuo cars

It’s very simple: you don’t need to change gears, because the car does this for you. All you have to do is accelerate and brake.

Your car model (Mercedes A-Class) has 4 driving positions selected via a lever on the steering wheel:

  • D: Drive
  • R: Reverse
  • N: Neutral
  • P: Park (neutral + handbrake on)
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