Great Beaches In Krabi

Great Beaches In Krabi

Thailand is home to some of the most magnificent and beautiful beaches in the world. Places such as Krabi, Phuket and Phi Phi Island boasts several kilometres of beach on end and many tourists travel to these places just for that. The sun, the sand and the sea – what can be better? Here are some of the beautiful beaches in these three destinations that you should not miss:

Ao Nang Beach (Krabi) 
Ao Nang Beach is Krabi’s most developed beach offering a variety of soft and extreme water sports activities. The idyllic Southern end of the beach is unspoilt by the tourism industry and is not as crowded as the main beach of Ao Nang. There, you can relax and soak in your own company of with loved ones as you watch the world go by. There are a couple of friendly bars and Italian restaurants to keep you occupied during the day as well.

Railay Beach (Krabi) 
This beautiful beach is only accessible by long-tail boats due to the limestone cliffs, which cut off the mainland access. At Railay Beach, there is no cars, no buses and no roads so you can expect pretty much an unpolluted environment. The whole beach is surround by towering limestone cliffs and if you are adventurous enough, you can paddle your way through them to uncover hidden lagoons and mini beaches beyond. Railay Beach can considerably be Thailand’s most sought-after beach.

Patong Beach (Phuket) 
This is the main attraction of Phuket. It offers a lot of inexpensive shopping and a great nightlife. Many tourists from all over the world visit Phuket for its famous Patong Beach where they can party from dusk till dawn. If you are into blaring music and a happening atmosphere, then this is the beach for you.

Kamala Beach (Phuket) 
This beach offers peace and tranquility for those who prefer a quiet day out. For something more upbeat, head over to the Southern end of Kamala Beach where there are more bars and touristy activities going on. The Northern end of this beach, on the other hand, is quiet all year round. The water tends to get lower in the afternoon, exposing a blanket of rocks at the far end of the sea.

Loh Bagao Bay (Phi Phi Island) 
Loh Bagao Bay is considered one of the best beaches in Phuket with its long and wide stretch of sandy beach. It is perfect for activities with all the space available. It is also known as a coconut paradise as you can see all these coconut trees lining up the stretch of beach. You can just laze around the beach and enjoy its panoramic views of mountain cliffs towering on the sea and beyond. With its crystal clear green sea, it is also perfect for swimming.

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