How easy is it to rent from

How easy is it to rent from

Its important to arrange a set of wheels when in Krabi. Be it a bike, renting a car with a driver or self drive and not forgetting our taxi or tuk tuks. As getting to see and enjoy Krabi, you really need a set of wheels. Its not the same here as back home where the public bus or train is on time and the bus stop is just a few meters away. Here its challenging and not the least intriguing!


Here at, there are generally 2 ways to get the whole process started to getting a car while you are here in Krabi and Phuket. Go to the web site , and do an online booking, providing important information where you want the car and the time. And the other is to call 0819785989 just a reservation and pay when the car is delivered. In either case, we will deliver the car to your location, be it Krabi Airport or your hotel, and even at the Mac Donalds or Starbucks, just to name a few. We will also arrange to pick up the car when the rental is over. It just can’t get anything easier than that renting a car from At Indi Car Rent we are always looking at new ways to simplify the whole process to make sure the car reaches you the easiest way.


At we are always upgrading and renewing our fleet to ensure that the cars are new and in good condition. Indi Car Rent with our current fleet of 30 cars are able meets all demands. And yes with your kind patronage we will keep increasing our fleet and keeping them young. All our cars are maintained by the authorised dealer. Its more expensive but gives its us peace of mind as we are not taking any chances with any out side mechanics as your safety and well being is the main concern at Indi Car Rent. Look us up the next time you are visiting Krabi or Phuket. ¬†And yes its possible to collect the car in Krabi and return in Phuket. It can’t get any simpler than that!

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