Indi Car Rent Is Expanding With

Indi Car Rent Is Expanding With

Indi Car Rent is expanding in to new fields and we welcome today Its only natural to move to this line as the main concept is in line with guest comfort when moving in and around Krabi. Not everyone wants to drive…. just some people prefer to be chauffeured. No hassle with parking, remembering roads and tinkering with the GPS.


Transfer Guest is very compressive and clear. There are no additional charges, toll charges and ferry charges. In short there are no surprises at the end of your journey. And our helpline 0819785989 speaks good english and thai. We are already in customer service. We know what rocks! We also are very familiar with how to maintain our fleet. We don’t want to stress our clients with breakdowns or no shows.


Visiting all the tourist sights with is the right direction for us and the best choice for you.


Indi Car Rent


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