Indicarrent Is Always The Cheapest In Any Which Way

Indicarrent Is Always The Cheapest In Any Which Way

At, Indi Car Rent,we strive to give the best deal for car rental. Indi Car Rent not only compete in prices. There are whole lot of other stuff that we consider. The quality of the cars is a major factor. We spend a huge amount of capital investment to make sure our fleet remains young and in good shape. On average our cars are less than 1.5 years old. Our policy is that all cars are to be disposed to car dealers when they reach 2.5 years. Even when they are in our possession, we ensure that the cars are only managed and maintained by the authorised dealer. We never allow a third part to repair or maintain our cars. It is our job to ensure that the cars are in mint condition. You interest is always with Indi Car Rent.


Next is on time deliveries with Indi Car Rent. We meet deadlines when a booking is placed. If we promise that a car is to be delivered in half hour, it means that the car will arrive on time. There are no empty promises. Or arriving late. If we are going to be late, this is mentioned at the booking time. Indi Car Rent respect other people’s precious time. This is great as you are able to not just hang a round doing nothing but plan you day well. So when looking for car rental, Indi Car Rent should be your first choice.

As for prices we look at the market forces as often as possible to see what our competitors are offering and how are we able to give a better car rental deal to customers. We are able to meet any competition. Our car fleet is almost 80 fully paid. Which makes overheads really low. We are here to stay, grow larger and serve our customers. We are looking to expand and grow and if you have the drive and the know how, we welcome you to join Indi Car Rent on this adventure. If you are a foreigner we will get you the employment pass to be a bonafide person living your dreams working in Thailand. Come in as a partner or come as a consultant or work at We can share this business for the greater good for the customer.


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