Indi Car Rent and finally the story about

Indi Car Rent and finally the story about

Welcome to Indi Car Rent. Its been a long journey and how came about, but yes a satisfactory one. Its all started when i decided to buy June her own car in Krabi, so that we(meaning she :)) could do errands and and just about get a “life” and not just waiting when the car( meaning I) would be back. Then with only a kid and so the hassle was not so serious where now we have 3 kids. Having 2 cars was really so important as we lived in Krabi and we like to visit Ao Nang.

But the choices were many but June like the Suzuki Swift. It was just launched and the thought that it was an Eco car, help make the decision quicker. New model and most importantly, June looked cute on the driver seat and she made my heart move quicker when i saw her on the driver seat. And most importantly, I got my freedom. The car was so popular so we had to wait a month for delivery. Finally when the car arrived, our happinesses was short-lived, as i was renting out an apartment in Ao Nang, Krabi and the tenant wanted to rent the car for a month. So after he took delivery of June’s new car, June and me headed right on to book our next Suzuki Swift

.Indi Car RentIndi Car Rent

And as the story goes, they always say, the rest is history. Today we have 30 cars  with a registered business called Indi Car Rent and finally and we are ready to serve more tourist and locals visiting Krabi and Phuket. We have many reliable employees. Our cars come with full insurance with the car rental business. Now Indi Car Rent serve clients in Krabi, Ao Nang, Phuket, Surat, Pangga Lanta. We are growing and we need you. Visit Or join our management team we need and want to grow larger. The world is our oyster.

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