Night Markets And What Have You Not

Night Markets And What Have You Not

Thailand’s markets are places where you can feel and experience the real life of the locals. If you are a food-lover, you will not want to miss visiting these markets because they have a really wide range of interesting and exotic foods. As Thailand’s weather is generally hot and humid, it is best to go to these markets in the late afternoon or at night when it’s cooler. Below is a list of night markets found in Thailand’s beach destinations such as Krabi, Phuket, etc.

Note that all these night markets operate only on the weekends.

Krabi: Krabi Walking Streets

Famously known as Krabi Walking Streets, this massive night market is a food paradise. It is an absolutely perfect place for you to fulfill all your food cravings. From fried ice cream to crepes to Pad Thai and even fried crickets, Krabi Walking Streets has it all laid out for you. If you wish to get some souvenirs to bring home, this place is also perfect. Just remember to haggle the price a little if you think the seller’s asking too much!

Phuket: Jatujak Market

Just outside of Phuket City lies a weekend night market fondly known as Jatujak Market. Just like Krabi Walking Streets, Jatujak Market also has a variety of cheap and good food. The only difference is that it has a lot of other stalls selling fashion accessories, apparels, shoes and souvenirs. They have a variety of consumer products at up to 50% discount over store prices so the stuffs that you get there are definitely at a steal! You can find random second-hand stalls selling all kinds of stuffs like jeans, soft toys and even remote controls.

Trang Night Market

Food lovers will definitely love this night market. Featuring a wide range of sweet delights and unusual cuisines, all the foods you find at Trang Night Market will not burn a hole in your pocket. Not only are the foods good, it is also really cheap. Pamper yourselves tonight to great tasting food such as crepes, fried chicken and the ever so popular Pad Thai!

Surat Thani Night Market

Measuring only about 200 meters long, this is possibly the smallest night market as compared to the rest on this list. Boasting of stalls selling all kinds of foods, you will definitely leave this place with a happy tummy. Try their fried mushrooms, papaya salad, grilled fish and marinated grilled chicken. For something so cheap, you will not believe how good they are. Totally worth the visit!

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