How am I insured/protected?

How am I insured/protected?

With Virtuo, you’re protected by third-party insurance, which means that property damage and personal injury caused to a third party, including a passenger, are covered (up to €100,000 for property damage). In addition, ‘Basic’ cover is included in your booking. This level of cover includes protection against vehicle damage and theft, subject to an excess/deductible of €1,350.

You can also opt to take out two further levels of cover when you book.

  • ‘Plus’ level: includes all the benefits of ‘Basic’ level cover, plus tyre and windscreen damage cover. ‘Plus’ level reduces your excess/deductible to €350.
  • ‘Premium’ level: provides the same benefits as ‘Plus’ level cover, but it reduces your excess/deductible to zero.

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