Why Krabi over anything else.

Why Krabi over anything else.


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If anything that matters, just the sheer pleasure to note that Krabi Province has 80 over islands. Some of the most pristine beaches can be found here. Its not so dense like Phuket, and the local food here is on par to Phuket and Bangkok. Its about 750 kilometres from Bangkok, which does not really matter now as there are many international flights landing here in Krabi unlike 10 years ago where you only had 2 international flights from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Krabi is grown and now Indi Car Rent is here to serve.

Visiting Krabi, if anything, having a set of wheels is best. At www.indicarrent.com you can either book online or call 0819785989. June speaks both Thai and English fluently. Indi Car Rent cars are new and maintained by the local dealership and not anyone else. Krabi being remote for some places of interest, its best to rent a car from June, as you are assured of quality and best prices. Visit www.indicarrent.com, we are here to serve you transport needs in Krabi Ao nang.

For me, personally Krabi seems a paradise. Its laid back, the pace is slow and no one seems to be in hurry. Krabi Town and  Ao Nang are just a 15 minutes ride. So having a meal or just cruising is in any of these places are great. For me, I always rent a car when i don’t bring my own set of wheels. I enjoy my freedom to move when i like and the thought of negotiation with a tuk tuk and being made to patronise a merchant shop is very upsetting when your holidays are short and you have huge plans and not to be taken for a ride other than those listed on you plans!.

Krabi being Krabi, like all places is developing so its better to visit Krabi YESTERDAY, before more changes kick in. Or better still visit www.indicarrent.com to discover and plan your trip. Indi Car Rent is your best choice when in Krabi Ao Nang.





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